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"Cats & Dogs" Bath Accessories Ensemble from Saturday Knight

Whimsical and utterly adorable ceramic bath accessories designed by Jenny Faw. We are back to stocking this GREAT bath ensemble! The collection includes the following: Tumbler, Toothbrush Holder, Cat Soapdish, Lotion Pump, Tissue Cover (Plastic), Wastebasket (Plastic), Shower Curtain, Shower Curtain Hooks, Cat Rug, Bath Towel, Hand Towel and Wash Cloth.


155558P Wastebasket - Plastic
Sorry. Sold out!

15waplbRegular price: $35.00Sale price: $19.99
155551P Tissue Cover - Plastic
15ticoplbRegular price: $30.00Sale price: $17.99
155553 Lotion Pump

Sorry. Sold out!

15lotpumbrRegular price: $25.00Sale price: $14.99
155557 Tumbler
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15tub10Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $11.99
155510 Bath Towel 27"X48"
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15batob7Regular price: $20.00Sale price: $12.99
155511 Hand Towel 27"x16"

Sorry. Sold out!

15hantowsiz2Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $9.99
155512 Wash Cloth 12"X12"
15waclb5Regular price: $10.00Sale price: $6.99
155556 Toothbrush Holder

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15tootholbrRegular price: $20.00Sale price: $12.99
155555 Cat Soapdish
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15sobRegular price: $10.00Sale price: $11.99
155550 Shower Curtain
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15shcub3Regular price: $40.00Sale price: $27.99
155552 Shower Curtain Hooks
15shcuhoRegular price: $20.00Sale price: $12.99
155514D Dog Rug
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155514DrugbrRegular price: $32.00Sale price: $23.99
155514C Cat Rug
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155514rugbrRegular price: $32.00Sale price: $23.99